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10/18 | Three Things

Hopefully this week wasn’t too painful. We are headed to a wedding in the Lake George area this Friday. I am excited we still have a weekend of sorts since we will be back mid-Saturday. Hope you have a love filled weekend as well!

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Tip, Tip, Hooray | Baking Apples

Now that we are firmly into October I am sure you are planning a trip to pick apples with friends and/or family, if you have not gone already. After our annual apple picking trip we have apples-upon-apples and it can be hard to go through them all (I always say I am going to buy less next year, but alas we are here again). This year though, I am kept the advice of Bon Appetite in mind to help up my chances of picking the perfect baking apple.


Slow Cooker Shredded Taco Chicken

Growing up my mother never used a slow cooker. It wasn’t until college that I regularly had meals that come from a slow cooker, and that was only because my roommate was the one who cooked in it. This past Prime Day I decided to take advantage of a great deal on the Instapot, a combination pressure and slow cooker. I mainly use it for the slow cooker, pressure still kind of scares me, and have found the controls on the Ultra model to be very easy to navigate. Plus, the 3qt size is perfect for just D and me. What I use the Instapot most for is shredded chicken. In the past I have shied away from making shredded chicken in a slower cooker as I have found the chicken was always watery. But then I decided why not omit the added liquid and see what happens? Turns out the juice from the chicken releases during cooking and can be mixed back in during shredding to keep the meat moist but not watery, problem solved! By using the no added liquid slow cooker technique and changing the spice blend you can have many different variations of shredded chicken. Today though, I will share my Slow Cooker Shredded Taco Chicken.

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The weather is warming up and I am craving everything citrus. Recently I got into Sumo Oranges and I always have a bowl of lemons sitting on my counter or fridge shelf. The end of April is the bitter end of citrus season so this drink is perfect for the timing. Another plus, you can bulk batch this and serve at the first outside BBQs of the season.


New Year Resolutions

New Year resolutions are tricky. On one hand self reflection and betterment can be great, on the other hand new year resolutions force us to start the year telling ourselves we are not good enough, that we need immediate improvement at the beginning of a new year. This year I will strive to tell myself I am good enough. That my lows are just a part of me as my highs, and there is no shame in the ebb and flow of my emotions. I hope this place will be home, a sanctuary, where I can share the scariest but hopefully most fulfilling journey I will take so far in life. Today my building super was riding the elevator with me and made a joke after hitting the 2 button, “2B or not 2B, but what is to be?”. The doors opened and I responded, “perhaps it is knowing yourself”. As he got off and the elevator door closed he left one final thought, “find your spark however deep down it is”.



Oh how the weather has gotten chilly! Things have been a bit hectic around these parts. I ended up slicing my hand and needed 5 stitches a few weeks ago and work is crazy as ever. Regardless, the weather does not care and came in with full force. A way I try to warm up is with French Onion Soup. I had to wait until my hand was fully healed but I am so glad it is french onion soup season. (more…)



Themed parties are something I can always get behind. People know what to expect, adding just enough structure to the event but in a creative loose way. As a perpetual people pleaser I go a bit overboard with themed parties but at the end of the day, I enjoy it so much it is all worth the work. Something that I try to keep easy though are drinks.