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As mentioned in previous musings I would not consider myself born with a green thumb. Although, I am coming to learn no one is really born with a green thumb, but rather it is a result of patience and a desire to learn more about the plant species you bring into your home and garden. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to your plant babies Air Plants are a great solution. Air Plants are surprisingly resilient and strikingly beautiful. They are great for boosting any plant novice’s confidence thanks to their low maintenance and succulent qualities. Even better, they don’t require a proper pot! (more…)


There isn’t an October that goes by without the smell of chili in our home. Though the weather has been fickle as ever, if it is October you can bet I will be making a warm bowl of chili even if it is still 80 degrees outside (which happens to be as I type this up). I like my chili pretty simple and quick, I don’t even add beans I am that much of a chili purest. That’s not to say there are many amazing chili recipes that simmer for hours and include a long list of ingredients; I just prefer a quick meal and find it just as delicious.

Chili is also the perfect meal to cook on Halloween. It is easy/fast so you can get out the door if you are participating in the trick-or-treating, and bonus, it leaves your home smelling/feeling so good and warm when trick-or-treaters stop by. This is my go to recipe for chili and is a great base for any more complicated chili (try adding some beans or veggies).




There are a few things I do miss about living in Virginia, one being having the space to actually do crafty things, another being the ability to go to Michaels on a weekly basis. Don’t get me wrong, I do love nyc but sometimes you just want to get your craft on. This technique is one of my favorites and I love using for notes and cards.



When I want to find the best skincare, makeup, or other beauty products there are very few sources I trust over Allure. Establishing themselves as a leader in the beauty industry a long time ago Allure has been the go to resource for beauty my whole life, or at least when I started getting interested in beauty way long ago. I recently found their great skin-care glossary that I have bookmarked for my future questions. Below are a few interesting entries I hadn’t known about. (more…)


Pesto is by far one of my favorite things to make and probably eat. Beyond being incredibly easy it is also super versatile you can pair it with pasta, salad, fish and so much more. My mother has been making the same pesto recipe my whole life and now I too make it for my family. I typically do a large batch of pesto when I find a good deal on basil, and divide it up into silicone ice cube trays to freeze. The pesto cubes can be kept in the freezer for a couple months and easily defrosted when needed.



One of my favorite parts to read of The York Times is the Tips sections. With a wide breadth of subjects each Tip is packed with practical knowledge from an “expert” in the “field” regardless of how downright silly or extremely helpful the tip may be. Below are four tips perfect to use this summer or at the very least bring up at a backyard BBQ to sound extra impressive and interesting.




There are many things I wish I had, and a green thumb is at the top of the list. Although I don’t have a green thumb, I do come from a family that does. Growing up it was common to find my mother’s knees in her flowerbeds early on a weekend morning, and my grandmother kept a beautiful bay window overflowing with succulents and other potted plants. Since we live in the city an outdoor garden is not exactly in the cards, but I do have some wide windowsills begging for some greenery.