Tip, Tip, Hooray | Baking Apples

Now that we are firmly into October I am sure you are planning a trip to pick apples with friends and/or family, if you have not gone already. After our annual apple picking trip we have apples-upon-apples and it can be hard to go through them all (I always say I am going to buy less next year, but alas we are here again). This year though, I am kept the advice of Bon Appetite in mind to help up my chances of picking the perfect baking apple.

Bon Appetite recommends you look for firm apples, that will not leave an indent when you push your thumb into them.

There is some science behind this technique. When you are baking with apples you want to be careful with how much water you are adding to the recipe when incorporating apples. The firmer the apple, in theory the less water there will be.