When I want to find the best skincare, makeup, or other beauty products there are very few sources I trust over Allure. Establishing themselves as a leader in the beauty industry a long time ago Allure has been the go to resource for beauty my whole life, or at least when I started getting interested in beauty way long ago. I recently found their great skin-care glossary that I have bookmarked for my future questions. Below are a few interesting entries I hadn’t known about.



An anti-inflammatory enzyme culled from the stem or fruit of the pineapple plant. Some aesthetic doctors recommend eating fresh pineapple or taking homeopathic bromelain supplements in the days before and after cosmetic injections to minimize bruising and swelling



Found in apples, this chemical enhances the activity of other skin-care ingredients that reduce sun damage.



A red pigment abundant in tomatoes, watermelon, carrots, and even chick, the antioxidant helps protect skin from sun damage when consumed orally or applied topically.


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