Champagne is like a good white t-shirt. It can be dressed up or down and should be a staple in everyone’s life. When I started my first blog I did a series called Champagne Tuesday. I figured if Tuesday was going to be my least favorite day of the week, why not add a little fun! Not only did I start looking forward to Tuesday, but I also learned the different types of champagnes and which ones I preferred.

Since it took me a good amount of trial and error to figure champagne, I thought I would distill that information to help decode the varieties out there.


The sweetest variety of champagne, Doux can contain up to 10% sugar. If you need something to pair well with dessert or dark chocolate, Doux is what you are want to grab.



Slightly less sweet Demi-Sec contains up to 8% sugar. Still good for dessert but also easier to drink when you are craving something a little sweet and bubbly. Good choice for toasts at special occasions or birthdays.



Containing only 4% sugar or less, Sec or sometimes noted as Dry is a semi-sweet champagne great for every day drinking. It is a perfect option for mixing with tart juices like grapefruit or cranberry juice at brunch and great for a white wine crowd.


Extra Dry

Extra Dry champagne is crisp with a tiny hint of sweet. This type a wonderful option for paring with appetizers or mixing in mimosas as it only contains no more than 2% sugar. Also a perfect hostess gift or served at a New Years Eve party.



Barely offering a sweet taste Brut is a terrific champagne to pair with dinner, cheese, and fruits. Brut contains up to 1.5% sugar and the most popular variety of champagne. Red wine drinkers will gravitate towards Brut.


Extra Brut

No added sugar will be found in Extra Brut champagne. The driest of all champagne varieties and good for drinking with heavy pasta and full fat dishes.